OK9T Welcomes 13-Week Old "Mattis" to our Puppy Board & Training Program

Crate Training with "Mattis"

"Mattis" - Progress in staying Calm & Stable

First time working on "Place" training with "Mattis"

Mattis - Continuation of Crate Training 

"Mattis" - Pairing the Down Command with Action Down

Place & e-Collar Training with "Maverick"

"Maverick" - Place & e-Collar Training with Distractions 

"Maverick" - Place Training using Real Life Situations

Place Training at the Park with "Maverick"

OK9T Welcomes "Keiko"

Working on the "Heeling" Command with "Keiko"

Working off-leash with "Keiko"

"Keiko" returns Home!

Imprint Training with "Jax" & his Owner

Jax's Progress Continues...

Off-Leash Training with "Jax"

"Jax" Enjoying Freedom!

"Kane" - Place Training

"Kane" - Working on Extended Down Command