Stacey Gibson, Maryland

"ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Hands down the BEST board and train I could have ever asked for and more!!!! My boys came back not only happy as ever, but with a great foundation to allow us to continue to train and groom them into even more stellar dogs than they already are. This has taught us to communicate in a more thorough and appropriate way human-to-dog & dog-to-human so that every expectation is met. Pete was also in contact with me non-stop showing me via video the boys progress, which not only helped ease my anxiety of them being away, but also showed that they were making astounding leaps and bounds in their behavior and tactics. Most importantly they were treated as if they had been a part of their family forever, which to me honestly was the most important. PHENOMENAL experienced trainer and individual!!"

Connie Graf, West Virginia

"Fantastic with dogs.  Love the results I have seen."

Brian Payne, Maryland

"If you want the best trainer around, look no further."

Janet Robison, Maryland

"We adopted a rescue who knows nothing about being with people or in a house. We started to see some undesirable behavior and weren't sure what to do. Pete came out the same day and gave us some basics on how to handle the situation and what to expect in the coming months. I would definitely recommend Optimum K9 Training for any and all training needs you have. Pete is very experienced and makes the whole experience fun."

Megan Spangler, Pennsylvania

“I am so glad we found Pete! My dog was a big brat before Pete took him. He helped us understand that Gunny wasn't really an aggressive dog, but that he relied on his fear aggression to keep him out of uncomfortable situations. He told us how we can help Gunny be more comfortable and happy while getting the obedience we were after. I feel like Pete genuinely cares for the wellbeing of the dogs, and will do everything he can to help them and their owners.”

Jim Chalfant, West Virginia

"Our 2 Golden Doodles, Leo and Tess, and I just finished our 6 session training program with Pete. I can’t say enough great things about our experience with him. His knowledge and experience are second to none. He is steadfast in his training routine, but also is very patient, positive and adaptable in the execution of that training, depending on the temperament and focus of the dogs and their owner. He gave me so much information and insight in this short period of time that I couldn’t have received anywhere else. We now have a great foundation for us to work from in raising our dogs. Pete, I thank you for training me as well as training Leo and Tess."

Will Campbell, Maryland

"Pete did an incredible job with our puppy Mattis. As a puppy he still has a lot to learn but he has certainly come a very long way under your training. Can’t wait for more training as he gets older and thank you so much for laying this foundation for us. We absolutely couldn’t be happier."

Meghan Lacey

"Pete has been a miracle worker for us. We have a 13 month old GSD named Tucker who knows basic commands and some tricks BUT we didn’t have control of the undesirable behaviors in everyday life. We had a session with Pete on Sunday where he helped us address Tucker’s issues with the vacuum, being off leash, excessively nipping me and his obsession with the cats. We have tried several other training techniques including e-collar since we brought him home but hadn’t found the right trainer to help us understand how to correct those everyday behaviors. I know it’s only be a day but this is the first time in 11 months that I’ve been able to work from home and have him out of his crate for the entire day. We’re confident in going out in the yard to play without our leash and run the vacuum so we can have a clean house! Lastly, we’re still working on the cat issue (as it was very severe) but are seeing vast improvement. We cannot thank Pete enough for not only taking time to come spend a few hours with us but also listen to what our frustrations were and help us correct them. We highly recommend Optimum K-9!"


John Kidwell, Maryland

"After struggling with our HIGH prey driven German Shepherd for almost 2 years and after 18 months of looking for the right trainer, we found Pete!

After being told we'd have to rehome Luna by another trainer, and actually contemplating just that, we found Pete!

Pete is not all hype and false promises, he IS THE REAL DEAL!

His extensive knowledge and training has given him all of the skills to be an excellent trainer, but it's his compassion and empathy that set him clearly apart from the rest. 

Luna would pull excessively on the leash, lunge at cars, bark uncontrollably, and just had her way with us, but thanks to Pete's board and train program all that has changed. 

He has transformed our very wild yet loving Luna into a very manageable member of our family. 

it's so nice to have her back in the house with manners. 

The cost of the program was minimal compared to the results that were achieved. He enabled us to keep our precious girl!

I highly recommend Pete and Optimum K9 Training to anyone with the need. He has many different options and can work with you to get the results you want."

Cassie Brown, Maryland

"If you would have told me 3 months ago that we’d be able to take Jax outside without a leash, I would have told you that you were NUTS! Jax has always been my “baby” but he was totally unmanageable. The transformation over the last several weeks has been unbelievable. He now knows and acknowledges the rules. He’s always been stubborn and did what he wanted without consequence. Not anymore. I am so thankful for Pete and Optimum K-9. He has truly changed ALL of our lives. There are no words that can describe how happy and pleased we are. I highly recommend them!"

Jenn Cobleigh, Maryland

"I highly recommend Optimum K9 Training. Pete is extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about training dogs. He has been assisting my husband and myself with training our 4 month old puppy. Pete has made sure that the training sessions are fun, and that all of our questions/concerns are answered. He has been a huge help with building the foundation blocks to teaching our puppy great manners. She is on her way to being a well-behaved dog, thanks to Optimum K9 Training."

Diane & Larry Palmer, Maryland

"Excellent trainer. Pete is very 

knowledgeable and easy to work with!"

Pamela Wahl, Maryland

"Phenomenal trainer. Highly recommended."

Callie Ganley, Maryland

"This by far was the best training for our dog, we have a High energy, prey driven Husky and would never be able to leave him off leash until now!! Great experience, amazing results!! I hope to work with them again!! it was a lot of fun and Iam now 100% confident in myself and my dog with recall and using the e-collar!!

Dustin Ganley, Maryland

"Pete was exceptional to work with and produced dramatic results in six sessions!"

Alphonsine Wagner

"We were apprehensive at first about leaving Jax with someone for 2 weeks but as soon as we met Pete with Optimum K9 Training, LLC we knew it was the right choice. He was great with Jax and great at keeping us updated on his progress. Pete truly cares about your dog when they are in his care. Jax is a totally different dog. When Pete brought Jax home, he took his time to explain things to us and help train us!! Now that Jax is trained, we are still progressing ourselves. Pete had laid such a strong foundation with Jax that even when we screw up, it doesn't take much to get Jax back on track. We searched around alot prior to selecting Pete and we were not dissapointed! If you are searching for an excellent Trainor who cares about your dog, we strongly recommend Pete with Optimum K9 Training, LLC."


Joanna Bingaman

Our dog Stella was a menace to society. People wouldn’t come to our house because they were afraid of being jumped on, bitten (love bites) or having their food stolen. She was also attacking our other dog and generally acting out. With a new baby in the house we were seriously considering re-homing her. I reached out on Facebook to friends looking for recommendations on dog trainers. I was afraid to send my dog away to “boot camp” after hearing some horror stories on the news, and wanted some personal recommendations. A close friend recommended Optimum K9 Training. We attended a group training with Stella to check out the trainers. Within 5 minutes of walking in, Pete was able to get her to walk politely on a lead in an arena filled with other dogs. We were sold and signed up for the 2 week board and train program (we called it boot camp). Stella has been home for a week now and we are more than impressed with the results. She is a much calmer dog, that understands her new rules and is easier to manage. Most importantly, she is still the happy dog that left as and loves showing off her new tricks. While she was gone Pete stayed in touch via text, phone and Facebook videos. Since she has been home he has followed up with us, even making a second trip out to the house to help train my husband and I. This has been an fantastic experience and I couldn’t recommend Optimum K9 training more.

Erin Lee, Maryland

"So far, we’ve had 3 private sessions with Pete. My dog Abraham and myself have benefited immensely. We have both increased our confidence and instead of avoiding other dogs, we now eagerly approach with no issues. Thanks so much!"

Ashley Christ Elmore, Maryland

"We had the best experience with Pete and his company! Prior to finding Optimum K9 training we tried multiple other companies with little to no success. Pete took the time to come to our house, introduce himself, meet our dog Leo, and explain his method of training. It made us feel hopeful about the whole process! 

Leo is an 85lb pitt-american bull dog- mastiff mix who, prior to training, was very excitable- jumping on anyway who walked into our house, barking at people and dogs walking by, and constantly lunging/barking uncontrollably at dogs and moving objects (bikes, scooters, etc...) on walks. His size and strength made him VERY hard for us to control. We purchased the 2 week board and train, and couldn’t be happier with the results! 

Pete has a passion for what he does, is very personable and took care of Leo like he was his own. He sent videos and text’s throughout the 2 weeks to update us on Leo’s progress. When he returned Leo he made sure we understood how to implement the training. We went on a walk around our neighborhood and I was blown away by the difference in Leo’s demeanor and reactions. We HIGHLY recommend Optimum K9 Training and will be using Pete in the future when we get another dog! 

Big thank you to Pete and his family for everything."

Aubrey Moore- Navitskis

"Pete did an amazing job with our 10 month old 90 lb baby Axel. Axel was so hard to handle because of how big and playful he was. He would jump, lunge, play bite which hurt, we couldn’t walk him on a leash or control him when he saw a person or an animal. Axel would constantly take our grand daughters toys and be way too rambunctious around her, shes 3 and her brother was just born. So we were very scared of Axel hurting them. We didn’t think Pete was going to be able to control him but in the first two minutes of meeting Axel it was obvious that Pete was very capable and confident in his work! We felt very comfortable letting him training/take care of Axel. Pete kept us updated on Axel’s progress which was comforting. We got Axel back today and we are amazed by his transformation! Axel is a totally different dog! Pete took his time today with us, explained and showed how he trained Axel and also came into our house to see how Axel would react to certain behaviors he had before which was great. We are so grateful to Pete for training Axel and giving us the tools to continue teaching Axel and to be able to enjoy having Axel in our home. I would recommend Pete from K9 Optimum to everyone! Seriously a great experience!"