"Luna" - Board & Train Client.  1st Day - Bonding with Trainer.  

"Luna" - Identifying Luna's Bad Behavior

"Luna" - Demonstrating Bad Behavior

"Luna" - Progressing through her Command Training

Distraction Training with "Luna"

"Indy" successfully demonstrating the "place" command.

"Indy," one of our Board and Train Clients.  After just a few days "Indy" has successfully mastered off leash heeling.

"Indy" - Identifying owner concerns and behavioral issues.  One of the concerns that Indy's owner had was that when her children would go up the stairs Indy would run up with them knocking them about, and potentially tripping them.  After just a short period of time Indy has successfully learned the "wait" command as demonstrated in this video.

"Indy" showing off her knowledge of the "wait" command.

"Tokar" - Progressing through the heeling command

"Toker" - Progression with Heeling and Recall Commands

"Tokar" Graduates!  

Private Puppy Training with ADORABLE little "Baylee!"

Place Training with "Gunny" #2

"Gunny" - Progressing through the "Place" Command

Day One with "Leo" & "Tess"

Place Training with "Gunny" #1

Welcome "Giorgi" & "Josie," 6 month old Sisters & Mastiff x Bernese Mountain Dogs to our Board & Train Program!

"Giorgi" - Day 2, Session 1 of "Place" Training

Sisters "Giorgi" & "Josie" Place Training Together